We are always honored when couples ask us to be part of their wedding.

Who may get married at Chapel by the Sea?

Couples who meet the requirements of the State of Florida and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) may be married in the church as long as they also fall into any one of these three groups:

  • One of the couple is a member of Chapel by the Sea.
  • One of the couple is a child, stepchild, grandchild or step-grandchild of a member of the Chapel by the Sea.
  • One of the couple is a local resident with a connection to Chapel.


What are the policies about weddings at Chapel by the Sea?
  • The pastor of the Chapel by the Sea shall officiate at the wedding service.
  • Couples must complete the counseling provided by the pastor.
  • The wedding service that we use will be the Presbyterian service found in the Book of Common Worship.

Regarding photography: Flash photos may be taken during the processional and recessional. Existing light shots may be taken during the ceremony from the back of the sanctuary or the balcony. Video cameras, if utilized, are allowed only if they are on tripods. Cameras may be placed either by the side walls or in the back balcony, but not in the front choir loft.

What are the fees?

It is not our goal to create income for the church by charging large fees for your weddings. Our goal is to cover our costs for the utilities, custodians, musicians, and participation in the Prepare/Enrich counseling program. For non-members, this comes to $1050. For members, Chapel covers some of the costs as a gift, charging only $450.

For a simple wedding on the beach, without the cost of musicians, custodians, media or other staff,  and without the need for a rehearsal, there is no set fee.


How do we schedule a wedding?

The bride and or groom must make an appointment to meet with the pastor. No wedding will be scheduled through a third party arrangement (such as through the bride’s family). We find it best to communicate directly with all involved. The pastor will meet with the couple and begin the counseling program.