Funerals & Memorial Services

While the family may wish to encourage giving to a specific charity, we invite you to consider the Chapel by the Sea memorial fund. When family or friends make a memorial gift to Chapel by the Sea in celebration of a loved one it is written in our “Book of Remembrance”, which can be found in the Church Narthex.

A plaque may be added to the monument on the Chapel lawn for Members and Affiliate Members whose ashes are spread at sea. The cost of the plaque and the spreading of ashes are the responsibility of the deceased’s family.


Follow-up Services

The Pastor is available for bereavement support and counseling. Chapel by the Sea’s Parish Nurse is also available for a number of services in the weeks following the death of your loved one. You will find her a valuable source of information regarding available support groups, counseling, as well as assistance answering questions regarding billing problems and medical and life insurance issues.

While we know that God will comfort and strengthen you through this time of loss, we as a Church, want to assist and help you cope with your loss in any way that we can and, if possible, help ease some of your pain.


Funeral and Memorial Services

At this time of your family’s loss we are here to assist you with the immediate need of planning a service to celebrate the life of your loved one. We also will continue to be available in the weeks and months that follow by providing bereavement counseling and support as well as assistance with the many details that must be attended to after a death.


Planning the Service

The Pastor and the Director of Music Ministries will work with your family to plan a service that will honor the life and memory of your loved one. The service will also serve as a witness to Christ’s resurrection and our belief in the resurrection of the dead. The service will be held in the Sanctuary, or under certain circumstances, elsewhere on Chapel property.


We encourage your family to share joyful and meaningful thoughts for the message or eulogy, the selection of Scripture and hymns, and every effort will be made to incorporate them into the service.

Once the plans for the service have been finalized our administrative staff will work with your family to prepare a program or bulletin for the service.

A brief committal service may be held at the cemetery immediately after the service in the Sanctuary. If there are civic or fraternal rites, they should be held at the cemetery after the Pastor has concluded his remarks.


Flowers for the Service

So that the Sanctuary will remain an attractive and calming place of worship, we welcome the use of flowers. Flowers will be placed by our staff and volunteers as they arrive. The flowers used in the Service should be removed by the family or friends after the service.


Reception following the Service

Arrangements can be made with the Reception Coordinator for a time of fellowship and refreshment in Silver Hall after the service. This time will help you enjoy a relaxed time of visitation and remembrance with those who have come to the Service.

The Coordinator will help you decide on a menu and make suggestions about purchasing the items needed. The Coordinator will then work with the Reception Committee to provide set-up, service and clean-up.


Memorial Gifts

If you desire to have memorial gifts given in lieu of flowers you should inform the Funeral Home at the time you provide information for the obituary. We will also include this information in the funeral program as well as our church bulletin and newsletter.



  • The costs for food and beverages for the reception following the service are the responsibility of the family.
  • Our Office Administrator will advise the family of applicable fees, if any, which have been approved by Session.
  • Families may also wish to make a gift to Chapel by the Sea in appreciation for the services provided during this time.


Our Contact Information

We are located in the 2500 block of Estero Blvd 100 Chapel Street Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2997 Fort Myers Beach, Fl 33932 Phone: 239-463-3173

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